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Pet Nutrition Guide

Our Mechanicsburg Vets Share Helpful Diet Tips for Your Pet

Feeding your pet a nutritious diet is essential for them to lead a happy, healthy, and long life. With so many options on the shelves today, choosing the right food for your pet can be overwhelming. When trying to make this decision, it is important to visit your veterinarian so they can perform a complete nutritional assessment. Your vet will be able to determine the appropriate food you should be buying.

Because nutrition is so important, we have hand-selected just a few brands to be sold in our hospital. If you’re looking for a specialized diet, call us and ask if we carry it. If we don’t, we can order it for you. We also carry certain prescription diets for those pets with even more stringent dietary restrictions.

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The Benefits of a Proper Pet Diet

The right nutrition affects nearly every aspect of your pet’s health. Just like humans, dogs, cats, and other animals look and feel better when they’re eating right.

Some of the primary benefits of feeding your pet a proper diet include:

  • Decreased risk of obesity and obesity-related illnesses
  • Increased energy/physical activity
  • Healthier skin and softer, shinier coats
  • Reduced instances of digestive problems
  • Improved immunity and disease prevention
  • Better muscle tone and overall physical condition
  • Healthier teeth and gums

These are just some of the many, many benefits of a healthy diet for your pet. If you’re interested in learning more about proper pet nutrition, would like nutrition counseling for your dog or cat, or need to schedule a wellness examination for your furry friend, get in touch with our Mechanicsburg veterinarians today!

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