Fun Winter Activities: Part II

As the winter slowly moves along, it’s important to continue to keep your dog physically and mentally active. Many of these activities can be enjoyed inside and out. Keep in mind that some may be the right ones for you and your dog and some may not be. Let breed, structure, age, ability, and safety be your guide. And if you have any questions or concerns, ask your veterinarian for advice.

  1. Fetch: Vary the victim (ball, stuffie, Frisbee, etc.) Send balls further with a gun or a chucker made for the task.
  2. Social activity: Playdates, dog parks, etc.
  3. Tunnels: Available at toy stores – great to run through.
  4. Obstacle course: Tunnels, low jumps, boxes, and barriers, etc.
  5. Taking turns: If you have more than one dog at your house have them learn the “wait” command until their turn for the chosen activity arrives.
  6. Stuffed Kongs: Peanut butter, fat-free yogurt, tiny treats (freeze Kong after filling).
  7. Water Play: Swimming, wading, hose, etc. – some areas even have indoor pools for dogs.
  8. Playground equipment: keep safety in mind!
  9. Snow play
  10. Snuggle time: (perhaps with a movie – try “Hotel for Dogs”, “Homeward Bound” or other movie featuring dogs – might just find the dog watching the movie!)

Looking for more activities you can do with your dog? Check out part one of our Fun Winter Activities suggestions.