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Shop at Bon Ton and Help Summit Search and Rescue

As Summit Search and Rescue begins training K9 Briggs along with K9 Apache and K9 Merit fundraising reaches a new level of importance. BonTon Stores provides a wonderful opportunity for non-profit agencies to raise funds and participants to obtain awesome coupon books! Check it out and participate if you can. This month K9 Merit assisted in the locating of an 81 year old woman, provided importance evidence in a criminal case and successfully found a woman missing for 36 hours. The latter was alive and airlifted to an area hospital.

Purchase a Community Day booklet for $5 and save big on great items while supporting Summit Search and Rescue!

Plus, for the first time ever, use these coupons on Bonus Buys Friday, November 15 – Saturday, November 16.

Simply click on the image below for details and select Summit Search and Rescue at Checkout.

To learn more about the amazing things that Summit Search and Rescue does in our community, go to: www.ssarbloodhounds.org

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SSAR Welcomes Briggs!

Summit Search and Rescue (SSAR) proudly announces the newest K9-in-training on the team. K9 Briggs a female black and tan bloodhound – 8 weeks of age and 14 pounds. This week she is walking on different surfaces, experiencing loud noise and visiting area police de…partments along with public venues. She started her in-harness training over the weekend. She was checked out by Dr. Pam Kinneman last week and found to be healthy. The vote here at Winding Hill Vet was that she is totally CUTE!