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Veterinarian Blog | Winding Hill Veterinary Clinic: Lessons Learned From Hound to Child

By Terri Heck, on behalf of her work with Summit Search and Rescue

We all know dogs and kids can have a magnetic attraction. Our bloodhounds love kids of all ages and kids of all ages migrate to our bloodhounds. What an opportunity this has been to spread a message of safety throughout the community.

Whether the child we run into on the street
Or in a public park we get to greet
Perhaps a group at a school we meet
Time with kids and hounds is sweet!

Hounds and kids – a wonderful pairing.
Safety lessons are made for sharing.
Play safe, stay safe – always be caring.
This the bloodhound is declaring!

K9 Apache shares a lesson
K9 Briggs with kids
K9 Merit with preschoolers

So often we are told a tale of a child who remembered a lesson of safety that may have made a difference at a moment where safety was important. This lesson was not remembered because of Mom, Dad, teachers or Jim or I, but in the words of a child “I have to be safe because Apache wants me to be”. So whenever a child migrates to your bloodhound or your bloodhound migrates to a child seize the opportunity. Remind the child to listen to Mom, Dad or whoever they are with and always be safe – spoken from the hound (with a little help from you!).

Team Summit Search and Rescue with middle school students

SSAR Welcomes Briggs!

Summit Search and Rescue (SSAR) proudly announces the newest K9-in-training on the team. K9 Briggs a female black and tan bloodhound – 8 weeks of age and 14 pounds. This week she is walking on different surfaces, experiencing loud noise and visiting area police de…partments along with public venues. She started her in-harness training over the weekend. She was checked out by Dr. Pam Kinneman last week and found to be healthy. The vote here at Winding Hill Vet was that she is totally CUTE!