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Meet Our Veterinarians

March 1, 2017
  We here at Winding Hill Veterinary Clinic love our vets. No seriously, we really love our vets. And we know you do as well. So to show our love for these amazing ladies, we thought we would make this month’s blog all about them. Without further ado, here are the wonderful, wild, white-coated women [...]

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Woman’s Best Friend

January 12, 2017
  By Dr. Tracy Venier, DVM "The journey of life is sweeter when traveled with a dog" It was during my second semester of Veterinary School when Blackie and I began our wonderful journey together. Blackie was one of our clinic dogs at Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine. The clinic dogs were instrumental in [...]

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Gift a Pet for Christmas?

December 6, 2016
By Terri Heck CVT Winding Hill Giving a pet as a gift on a holiday may sound like a good idea – after all they can be such a symbol of love, joy and many things good. But in reality, the gift of a pet comes with the need for a commitment – a commitment [...]

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Appiness is a “Click” Away

October 25, 2016
Appiness Is Just A “Click” AwayPopular Apps For People and Their Pets   By Dr. Patty Gabig Here are some applications that one might find useful. Please feel free to contact me with others you have found and feel others could benefit from: Pet First Aid Red Cross Take care of your furry family member. [...]

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Halloween Photo Contest

October 14, 2016
Calling All Halloween Lovers! Send us a photo of your pet in a costume and you could win a $50 gift card to our hospital! To enter: Like our Facebook page and send us a direct message on Facebook with your pet’s photo by Sunday, October 23rd. On Monday the 24th we will post all [...]

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Have You Checked the Chip?

August 15, 2016
By: Elianna Brook, WHVC technician During the peak of vacation season and fun in the sun, we often forget the anxieties these joyous times bring our furry friends. Whether your pets travel with you, are kenneled, or watched after by trusted friends or family, the chances of them getting away are very high during these [...]

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Heartworm and Prevention

June 30, 2016
Heartworm infestations can be deadly, but if you follow a couple easy steps it’s totally preventable.  Heartworm is a parasite that lives in the heart, lungs and surrounding blood vessels. Heartworm is passed from a mosquito taking a blood meal on an affected animal, picking up the microfilaria (baby worms).  The microfilaria then mature in [...]

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Adopt a Shelter Cat Month

June 4, 2016
Welcome to Adopt a Shelter Cat month! Along with the beautiful weather and flowers, June tends to bring out the amorous side of our feline friends. The ASPCA estimates that there are roughly 70 million stray cats in the United States at any given time. The fertile females of that group can have 1 to [...]

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Feline Leukemia Virus

May 9, 2016
By: Dr. Carol Edwards Most of us have heard of Feline Leukemia Virus (FeLV), a fatal and contagious disease of cats. It can cause severe and irreversible anemia, cancer, or terminal immunosuppression. One of the issues with the virus is that it can take a month to show up on a blood test. So even [...]

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Lessons Learned From Hound to Child

April 28, 2016
By Terri Heck, on behalf of her work with Summit Search and Rescue We all know dogs and kids can have a magnetic attraction. Our bloodhounds love kids of all ages and kids of all ages migrate to our bloodhounds. What an opportunity this has been to spread a message of safety throughout the community. [...]

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