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Pets for Seniors

There are many benefits to the sharing of lives with a pet for senior citizens.

  • A sense of connection
  • Loving companionship
  • The power of touch
  • Increased activity, exercise and
  • Promote living in the moment as pets
    can so well accomplish
  • A reason to get up
  • A sense of purpose
  • Increased social interaction
  • Eases anxiety and pain
  • Can lower blood pressure

There are some cautions to be considered.

    • Can the pet be adequately taken care of? Is help available if assistance is needed?
    • Is continued care affordable?
    • If no longer able to care for the pet are arrangements made for rehoming?
    • Is the personality of the pet a good match?

If owning a pet is out of reach, visits by therapy animals can add moments of pleasure to the life of a Senior. This link talks about pets for residents of assisted living communities but speaks well to all considering a pet for a senior. Check it out.