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Veterinarian Blog | Winding Hill Veterinary Clinic: Gift a Pet for Christmas?

By Terri Heck CVT Winding Hill

shutterstock_227819830Giving a pet as a gift on a holiday may sound like a good idea – after all they can be such a symbol of love, joy and many things good. But in reality, the gift of a pet comes with the need for a commitment – a commitment of responsibility – time and money. Adding the right pet at the right time to the right family is a blessing that keeps on giving.

Christmas in itself is not the best of times to add a pet to the family. It tends to be a busy time. The hustle and bustle of the season can make building the relationships with the new pet and the bonding experiences more challenging. Added responsibilities can be better timed after the holidays. The winter weather associated with the time of year and a young puppy is not for everyone.

Who better to select their new pet than the person or family who is ready for one. A gift certificate to a shelter or a breeder if the recipient has voiced a place where they would get their new addition could be a welcome gift. Consider a basket of supplies or a book related to their expected pet of choice. Add a card with a little note saying that you would like to help with the purchase of their new pet aka “family member” when they are ready.

Pets and people can share a wonderful connection. Just be sure the pairing is done in a way to bring the love and the joy of the season to both the pet and the person or family.