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Veterinarian Blog | Winding Hill Veterinary Clinic: Appiness is a “Click” Away

Appiness Is Just A “Click” Away

Popular Apps For People and Their Pets


By Dr. Patty Gabig

Here are some applications that one might find useful. Please feel free to contact me with others you have found and feel others could benefit from:

Pet First Aid Red Cross
Take care of your furry family member. The American Red Cross Pet First Aid app puts veterinary advice for everyday emergencies in the palm of your hand. Get the app and be prepared to act when called upon. With videos, interactive quizzes and simple step-by-step advice it’s never been easier to know Pet First Aid. Download: iTunesGoogle Play

This free app shows pet parents exactly what to do in case of a natural disaster. It also allows pet owners to store vital medical records, and provides information on making life-saving decisions during natural disasters. Download: iTunes + Google Play

Animal Poison Control Center (APCC)
Products that may seem safe in your home and garden can actually be toxic for pets, and all too often pets are poisoned as a result of their natural curiosity. That’s why the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals – the country’s first animal welfare organization and a leading voice for animals — has launched the APCC by ASPCA App. Download: iTunes + Google Play

iVet Veterinary calculators and Drugs
iVet Veterinary Calculators & Drugs is an application for Mac computers with more than 10 different kinds of calculators used in small animal veterinary and a complete Veterinary Drug Formulary with more than 600 drugs. Download: iTunes

mypet reminderMy Pet Reminder
Need help remembering to give Fluffy those pills, Fido his flea and tick medicine, or schedule Bella’s annual vaccines? My Pet can help keep your pet’s appointments and reminders in one place. Download: iTunes + Google Play

Over 65,000 pet sitters and dog walkers have listed their services, making Rover the nation’s largest network. On the app, connect with a nearby sitter, pay securely, and get photo updates. The platform offers insurance, 24/7 support, background checks, and a reservation guarantee. Download: iTunes + Google Play

Need someone to take care of your dog when you’re busy, stuck at work, or on vacation? Wag! connects dog owners with dog lovers in their community they can hire on-demand for dog walking, pet sitting, or dog boarding services 7-days a week. Wag! is like having a trusted dog loving neighbor, or friend at your beck and call! Download: iTunes + Google Play

FitBark monitors your dog’s everyday activity and turns it into BarkPoints, so you can track progress. It’s a new way to understand your dog’s health, explain changes in behavior, make better decisions with your vet, and share memorable moments with friends & family. FitBark is all about your dog, from head to tail. Download: iTunes + Google Play

Whistle GPS Pet Tracker (device that syncs with an app) whistle gps
Whistle GPS Pet Tracker attaches to your pet’s collar, allowing you to locate your pet in minutes and track their daily activity on your phone. Download: iTunes + Google Play

Be with your pet, even when you are not at home – Cam2Pet makes it possible. Developed and tested for and with pets (dogs and cats) under real conditions! This app would be good for monitoring your pet especially if they are elderly, diabetic or recovering from surgery. Download: iTunes + Google Play

Voyce creates a vital sign baseline for your dog so you and your vet can readily detect and address changes in health and behavior. Manage your dog’s health by settings goals and accessing advice from pet experts, tailored specifically to you and your dog.

The VitusVet App is a life and sanity saving tool for pet owners. In addition to having all of your pet’s medical records available in an emergency, the app helps you take the best care possible of your pets. Track major events and daily items such as medication reminders, walk times, current brand of pet food…even request family vet and specialist appointments. All members of your family and your extended pet care team will have login access to upload information and locate records through the VitusVet app. Just invite them to your pet’s care team and start today! Download: iTunes + Google Play

Dog Whistle
This is a dog training app with the following potential to: stop your dog or your neighbor’s dog from barking, recall your dog, train your dog to do cool tricks.

How does this works? The application generates frequencies ranging from 100 to 22000 hertz. Dogs hear those sound very well, and those sounds are always the same. That makes it very easy to teach your dog new tricks. Proper tutorial will be implemented in future app update. Remember to not abuse your animals!!! Long exposure to any sound might damage hearing. And that might be a crime. Also don’t use this app on puppies.

How many times have you wondered, “Can I feed this to my dog?” This app has an extensive data base of common foods so you can find out which ones are o.k. if your pet eats something. Download: iTunes + Google Play

Dog Communicator
Get closer to your dog with Dog Communicator, a dog sound translator that helps you identify your dog’s feelings with the touch of a button. Download: iTunes + Google Play

Pet Name
It’s harder than you think sometimes to come up with a name for your pet. This data base can help.

Pet Snap
Move over paparazzi: there’s a new photographer in town. With WowWee Snap Pets, you can turn selfies and group shots into full-on photo sessions. 32 built in sounds to attract your pet before the picture is taken. Download: iTunes

Pet PlayPen
Just for fun adopt 3 virtual pets. Download: iTunes


And finally, there are also apps that teach children how to care for a pet:

toca petsToca Pet
Kids cure and feed animals in cute, empathy-promoting app. Download: iTunes + Google Play + Amazon

Doc McStuffins Pet Vet
Fix animal ouchies, play mini-games, meet great role models. Download: iTunes

Are there any must-have pet apps that we missed? Let us know!

Veterinarian Blog | Winding Hill Veterinary Clinic: Halloween Photo Contest

Calling All Halloween Lovers!
Send us a photo of your pet in a costume and you could win a $50 gift card to our hospital!

To enter:
Like our Facebook page and send us a direct message on Facebook with your pet’s photo by Sunday, October 23rd.

On Monday the 24th we will post all of the photos in an album and then voting will begin! Vote for your favorite photo(s) by “liking” them or using your favorite reaction. The photo with the most “likes”/”reactions” will be our winner and will be announced on October 31st!

We encourage you to share your picture, or the album, with your friends and family to increase your chances of winning.

Good luck and may the best costume win!

*One photo per pet. If you have won a contest more than once, we ask that you please split the prize with the 2nd place winner. To keep this lighthearted and fun, pictures shared to “like for like” groups or those similar, or others deemed unfair or inappropriate, will be disqualified.

2015 Halloween Contest Winner – Remy Alexa