Vet Blog | Winding Hill Veterinary Clinic: Cold Weather Safety

It’s starting to feel a lot like winter! So, in addition to the holiday safety tips posted earlier, we would like to remind everyone about potential cold weather hazards to guard against.

One of the most common toxicities seen this time of year is to antifreeze. It has a sweet taste that can attract both dogs and cats, and very small amounts can be lethal. All automotive products should be stored in areas that your pet cannot access, and any spills should be cleaned quickly. There are antifreeze options which are less toxic and are recommended for use in households with pets.

Another common cold weather toxicity is to rat and mouse killers. These products can also be deadly, and can cause a variety of signs including bleeding, weakness, and seizures. Be sure any baits are placed well away from areas your pets frequent or their food storage areas.

Ice melting products can cause irritation to the skin and mouth via direct contact or grooming, or can cause significant illness if ingested. Liquid potpourris are also popular this time of year, and can cause severe damage to the mouth, skin and eyes.

If you think your pet has been exposed to any of these items, please contact our office or the Pet Poison Helpline 1-800-213-6680 or the ASPCA Poison Center at 1-888-4-ANI-HELP.

We at Winding Hill wish everyone a safe and happy 2016!