Student Initiatives at Winding Hill

Students in middle school begin to seriously entertain career options. In high school that exploration continues often in earnest. Students make course decisions, choose activities and often work place based on their career path. Throughout college and veterinary school; preceptor, intern and externships are completed by students engaged in the field of veterinary science and other biology and animal related fields.

Here at Winding Hill we actively participate in career day presentations at area middle schools. We welcome students from middle school age through veterinary medical school as they begin and continue their educational experience.

wind caroluyn

Carolyn Bolden above visits Winding Hill for job shadow experiences. This is offered for both middle and high school students.

wind brittany

Brittany Lee is completing her senior project with us for the entire 2015-2016 school year. We have hired her as well as an assistant. Here she holds Milo the pug for a procedure.

wind allison

Allison Frankowski, a recent graduate from YTI’s Veterinary Technology Program, completed her externship with us here at Winding Hill. She has proven to be an excellent addition to the staff and is now an employed Veterinary Technician with us. Here she prepares to take a radiograph on a less than willing participant.

wind typhani

Typhani Hite, a student in the Veterinary Technology Program at YTI, prepares to assist with a procedure. Typhani is employed as an assistant with us.

wind lindaheller

Linda Heller does her internship here before graduating from Messiah College with a degree in Biology.

wind sarakeller

And this summer we enjoyed having Sarah Keller with us. Sarah is a student at Oklahoma State’s Veterinary Medical School.

We welcome this opportunity to share the field of Veterinary Medicine that we all embrace!