House Training Your Puppy

Please understand that I am just a baby. I need to learn that the “potty” is outside. Be patient with me and I will learn. Keep me in a small confined area like a crate. If it is a size to be my bedroom only (like a crate), that will work – no room for a “potty.” As long as I am out of my crate often for exercise and bonding with you, my time in the crate will not be an issue. Whenever you get me out of my crate take me out right away.

I will need to go out often. Whenever I wake up from the night or a nap I will need to go to my potty place. Keeping that place consistent will assist me as I learn. You may want to tell me to “go potty” so I start to associate those words with the action. Feed me on a regular schedule. I will need to go out when I eat or drink. When I slow down after play I will likely need to go again and whenever I am excited about something.

If I do a good job with the potty outside you can give me some freedom in the house but only when you watch me. If I seem restless, start sniffing more around the floor or begin the potty position take me out right away. If you are not watching and I have an accident please don’t stick my nose in it. I really cannot connect that with the act of going “potty.”

Like any new baby I am a lot of work but I will repay you with tremendous amounts of loyalty and companionship. As I mature I can wait longer to use the potty. All puppies are different but a good rule of thumb is a puppy can easily wait the number of hours equal to how many months of age they are. There are certainly lots of precocious puppies that wait all night from the time they are released from their mom and go to their new home. Many need at least one middle of the night visit to the potty.

Gotta go now – it’s potty time again!

Contributed by anybody’s puppy with a little help from Terri Heck, CVT