Meet Winding Hill Vet’s Kelsey Evans!

Winding Hill Kelsey with shark

  • Where are you originally from?
    • Mechanicsburg Pa
  • How long have you been at the Hospital?
    • About 8 years
  • Where did you/do you go to school?
    • I went to college at Delaware Valley College
  • Describe your role in the area pet community?
    • I work as a Veterinary Assistant
  • What would you say is the most important impact that our hospital has?
    • I believe that our hospital provides happiness and reliability. Our clients can be sure their pet is given the best care by people who do truly care about every individual animal. I treat every pet as i would treat my own pets, and i believe that makes an impact on the animals and our clients.
  • What would you say was the one greatest pet related, community accomplishment that you have had?
    • I honestly believe stray animals find me, instead of me finding them. I love to help reunite pets and their families.
  • At what point in your life did you realize that you had such a deep connection with pets?
    • I grew up knowing that I wanted to help improve the lives of animals. I can never leave an animal in need when i know i can help them. It has never been a choice for me, it was always just what i had to do. There is no greater joy for me.
  • List your pets and names throughout the years (including childhood ones):
    • (Cats): Spike, Fauna, Abby, Casper, Gizmo, Fritz, Sophie, Foster, Stella, Chubbs, and Bim.
      (Dogs): Bella and Yukon
      (Horses): Strawberry, Eve, Lissy, Newt, Quick, and Kahlua.
      And i had many fish as a child.
  • What kind of food do you feed your pets?
    • The cats get Purina, and the dogs get Science Diet.
  • What is your favorite movie?
    • I have a ton, but the first one that comes to mind is Ace Ventura Pet Detective.
  • What kind of music do you like?
    • I love all kinds of music, im open to anything. Recently though i am becoming a fan of electronic music like techo. It’s easy to dance to.
  • What was the last book that you read?
    • I am currently reading ‘The Man Who Rode Sharks’. I am a shark fanatic so it is interesting to me.
  • What is your favorite TV show?
    • My guilty pleasure is ‘Say Yes to the Dress’, but id say it’s an even tie with ‘Lost’
  • Where was your last vacation?
    • Cozumel Mexico. I got to SCUBA dive for the first time there and it was amazing!
  • What is your favorite restaurant?
    • Food is my second favorite topic after animals. I love so many i simply cannot pick a favorite.
  • Describe your perfect sandwich
    • Fried chicken dipped in hot sauce, covered in pepper jack cheese, with an over easy egg, lettuce and fried jalapenos.
  • If you could meet with anyone in the world, who would it be?
    • My moms father. He passed away when my mom was 15 so i never got to meet him, but she always says we would have been close.
  • Other personal facts or hobbies that you think might be interesting:
    This past summer i interned at the Bimini Biological Field Station (Also known as the Shark Lab), in Bimini Bahamas. I assisted with shark research and education for two months, which turned out to be the best experience of my life this far.