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Pets, Pine Needles and Trees

Make sure that you clean up fallen pine needles around your tree regularly. If eaten, these needles can puncture your pet’s intestines.

Make sure your tree is well secured for your pets, for people and for your delicate décor. You can anchor your tree to the wall, using strong cord or rope. Also, make sure that your pet can’t access the tree’s water

Tips for Bringing Your Cat to the Vet

Here are some tips for how the make the trip easier for you and your cat:

  • Choose a cat carrier with a top that easily opens or lifts off.
  • Keep the carrier out in the open in a safe place so your cat can adjust to going in and out. Throw treats inside from time to time to give your cat a treat for going in.
  • Feed your cat inside the carrier.
  • When your cat looks comfortable, start taking him or her on a tour of the house. When that feels good, start with short trips in the car.
  • Make the trip as rewarding as possible. Offer treats and calming language. Keep the loud music and sharp turns to a minimum, especially during the first few trips.
  • When you make your trip to our hospital bring along a favorite toy and/or a blanket with familiar smells.
  • Most important: keep your cool! Cats can sense our emotions, if you’re calm, it will help them feel better, too.

Fiona the Cat

Abandoned at just a few months of age Fiona has found her forever home. Technician Jen Mengle opened her heart up to this special girl. Fiona was positive for Feline Leukemia so Jen was unable to open up her home as well. Other than some ophthalmic issues Fiona has been healthy and happy.

Fiona thanks everyone at Winding Hill Veterinary Clinic (most especially Jen), Dr. Low at the York Emergency and Referral Center and Jessica Gates and family for the forever home.


The Last Chance Fund

The Pennsylvania Veterinary Foundation (PVF) established their “The Last Chance Fund” (TLC) in 2009 to help ensure a source of funding for the care of abused or neglected, unowned companion animals that might otherwise be euthanized or turned over to an animal shelter that is already overburdened.

We have been fortunate to be able to work closely with the Pennsylvania Veterinary Medcial Association and the Last Chance Fund. for more information, go to:

Cold Weather Safety Tip For Pets

It’s getting cold in Mechanicsburg! Don’t leave dogs outdoors when the temperature drops. Most dogs, and all cats, are safer indoors, except when taken out for exercise. Regardless of the season, shorthaired, very young, or old dogs and all cats should never be left outside without supervision. Short-coated dogs may feel more comfortable wearing a sweater during walks.

10 Reasons to Volunteer with The Helen O. Krause Shelter

Top ten reasons to volunteer at the shelter

  • Help abused and unwanted animals get loving homes!
  • Brush up on your cleaning skills!
  • Being a human love toy to cats and dogs is a great stress reliever!
  • Socialize scared and/or shy cats and dogs!
  • Meet lots of great people!
  • Feels great to know that you CAN make a difference!
  • Takes just a few hours…work around YOUR schedule!
  • Help is needed in all sorts of areas, grounds keeping, administrative, medical, foster parents, and fundraising.
  • Warm fuzzy feeling when a cat and dog you’ve helped finds their forever home!
  • You are needed and appreciated by humans and animals alike!

To learn more, go to: